The $27,000 Mac

I've always thought that Apple's motto should be "damned the cost, full speed ahead." Their machines are always more expensive than comparable PCs (well, they probably perform better though my experience dealing with Macs has been limited to the only Mac product I've ever owned, the crappy iMac I owned to write my doctoral thesis).

But I never thought buying a Mac would require you to take out a mortgage, as Jason Kottke found out about the newer, faster Mac Pros:

Apple announced newer faster Mac Pros today. They start at $2799 but you can configure them up to several thousand dollars (including software and accessories).

The really expensive bits are the 32 GB of RAM ($9100), the NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 video card ($2850), the four 15,000 RPM hard drives ($800 each), the two 30" Cinema Displays ($1700 each), a Fibre Channel Card ($1000), and an unlimited-client copy of Mac OS X Server ($999). [...]


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I did the same pricing as well, but only maxed out at around $16,500 - I skimped.

But anybody who buys upgrades from Apple like RAM & large hard rives is a fool & deserves the screwing they're getting. Get it bare & install your own upgrades, it's not rocket science. Hey, go nuts & get that 2-button mouse while you're at it! :P
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Yikes, Alex. Inter yeast species hopping by protein swap! or is that wrong? speaking from the humanities camp, i think our PhD's should be called something different. this looks mighty.
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Oh, come on, VonSkippy; that stereotype was old and tired years ago. Macs are no more pretentious than Dells these days. And yes, you can easily spend that much on a Dell.

Oh, and Alex; the two-button mouse has been supported natively on Macs since OS 10.1 (2001), and would work way before that with drivers installed.
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