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This has the benefit of rendering Chuck E. Cheese commercials unrecognizable by my daughter, so we don't get subjected to 30 minutes of pleas to go there. Thanks, marketing guys!
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That's not the Alien Queen. There was no Alien Queen in the first movie. That's just the Alien, with a alternate head that wasn't used in the final cut because Ridley(?) thought an eyeless head would be more frightening and, well, alien-looking. Good call there.
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Spoiler: one of the answers, apparently, is "cream of shrimp."

Yes, I know that's probably just bisque, but I'm going to throw up in my mouth a little anyway, if that's OK.
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This version of Mahna Mahna is one of my favorites. Gets downright demented around the 2:20 mark. I don't think Bip ever went off the rails with more gusto.
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Love to know the circumstances. Also, now that this has happened, he needs to pose with a lightsaber and thus end the entire universe in one photograph.
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Seriously, this thing sets some kind of record for the number of times I've paused a video and said "wait, WHAT?" It actually makes Ralph Bakshi and Rankin & Bass seem restrained by comparison, and that's damn impressive. Even the Leonard Nimoy Bilbo Baggins song was a better retelling of the tale.
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