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Hang on a sec Che is dead ... you actually ADMIT to being a conservative in this day and age?

Listen: Anyone who says, "I'm a conservative," better say it after 10 to 15 minutes of abject apologies after the total fucking mess you, your kind and your polices of wrought on the world over the past 50 or so years (and that's being generous).
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The cutoff frequency (below which the chamber ceases to be anechoic) is pretty much a function of the size of the wedges.

That's right Ray, the wedges will measure out to being 1/4 of the wavelength of the lowest frequency they can absorb. Bellow that, the sound will reflect (which is why you can start to hear your own heartbeat, breathing etc.).
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Wait, what do they mean by "quiet"?

For starters, I don't see any figures here. And what those figure would reveal is not how quiet something is, but at what frequencies and at what times it is quiet.

The efficiency of an anechoic chamber is expressed by the lowest frequency at a given T-60 (T-Sub-60) measurement. That is, T-60 is the (T)time it takes for a given frequency to drop by 60 dB .

Example, if you put a blast of 120 dB white noise through a speaker in the middle of a basketball gym, and cut the signal, how long will the 1K frequency reverberate and echo before it's strength is 60 dB lower than when you turned off the sound source?

It's fairly easy to cut the reverberations (i.e. make something anechoic) of, say, a 10K Hz or 5K Hz tone. Making something anechoic at 175 Hz or less becomes MUCH more problematic.

I've worked in anechoic chambers that are, in the parlance of the industry, "dead" down to ~90 Hz. Actually, I've spent hours in them, and I don't know what all this stuff about "ooo-aaa, you can only spend 25 minutes in there, scary!!' is.
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Not just no, but fuck no.

What a lot of people (and employers) don't realize is that a job interview goes both ways. Not only is the employer interviewing you, but you are interviewing the employer.

If an employer were to ask (let alone demand) something like this, it would be an immediate deal breaker.

I would let them no that, and then walk out right then and there.
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