Conservative Wunderkind is now a Liberal

Did you ever say something at 13 that you regretted later in life? At least you had the presence of mind not to get that captured on camera or social media for posterity, right?

What? It's on Facebook?! Well, at least you didn't get it on YouTube, right? What?

Well, at least you're not this guy:

Like so many teenagers, Jonathan Krohn says he cringes when he thinks of some of the deeply uncool things he said when he was 13. Unlike most teenagers, Krohn said those things on camera in a speech at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference, making him a YouTube sensation. Now? Krohn tells Politico's Patrick Gavin he's not a conservative anymore. He likes gay marriage and Obamacare. He's going to New York University in the fall. He name drops German philosophers. But his old fans can't accept that he's changed. "Come on, I was thirteen," he told Politico. "I was thirteen."

From Elspeth Reeve of The Atlantic Wire: Link | The interview at Politico 

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It's not his fault. If you are seventeen and going to NYU, then I think you fall under a federal mandate that requires you to be a liberal.
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You can have him, we'll take David Mamet:

“I look back upon my Liberal political beliefs with a sort of wonder—as another exercise in self-involvement—rewarding myself for some superiority I could not logically describe.” -- David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture
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I totally understand this guy's perspective. When I was 10, I thought that President Bush (H. W.), should get to stay president.

My reasoning was "No one likes to lose his job. It would be sad for him to lose his."

Our political, religious and philosophical beliefs aren't really our own until we've had a chance to explore them.
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