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I stand corrected... I've been lazy on that one. What to blame ? Nature : I have the lazy gene. Nurture : I guess that I just wanted to give a chance to my sex too much. ;)


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One remark : no where is it said that the gene was male. For humans, in still the majority of cases at least, it takes the pair of sexes for infidelity.

Your flooding Neatorama, E.P., reveals a total lack of consideration for your hosts. Can't you summarize your conditioned responses in a single post?
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Not that the clip is worthless, to the contrary, but it seems to prove that truth, without exaggeration or another sort of caricature that allows for emotional release, isn't funny at all.

Just cold analysis and pure objectivity isn't interesting.


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The green stuff? Maybe wasabi so the kid learn that every free meal has a pungent lining?

Just kidding.

I wouldn't send my kid to school with such a lunch though: other kids might beat the crap out of what they'd judge a mommy's little boy/girl.

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OK, I got 10 out of 12 (83%).
Now, I never read or saw a play and my culture is 90% French. I think that it is proof that the works of Shakespeare have permeated all of our cultures.

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