Scientists Found the Commitment Gene

Playas beware: scientists have now isolated the gene for commitment and monogamy. And worse: they can transmit the gene through genetic engineering (at least in voles). Your roamin' days are numbered:

Scientists studying voles (mouse-like rodents) discovered that transferring a single gene, the vasopressin receptor, from the monogamous prairie vole into the brain's reward centre of a promiscuous meadow vole, would cause that meadow vole become monogamous.

Meanwhile, Swedish scientists have studied more than 500 twins and their spouses/domestic partners and have come to find that the vasopressin gene seems to have a similar effect on humans. “The researchers found that men with a particular variant of the AVPR1A gene (that codes for vasopressin in humans) scored lower on the bonding questions and were less likely to be married compared to men who did not have the variant…Also, men with two copies of the gene variant were twice as likely to report having had a relationship crisis with their marital spouse or partner in the last 12 months as men without the variant.”

Link - Thanks Dawn Govender!

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This is a place for comments, not necessarily debate. Personally, I understand that everyone has preferences on how they want to view the world. I've read a lot of your comments on many neatorama articles and I couldn't think of anything more pointless than debating you. It would be like pulling the string on the back of a dolls head, it can only say what it is programmed to say. I certainly don't agree with but I also couldn't care less what you think.

PS. Rational knowledge does not produce an objective accounts of reality.

Cheers EP
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Jean, both studies referenced here studied male behaviour. The original blog entry is here
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One remark : no where is it said that the gene was male. For humans, in still the majority of cases at least, it takes the pair of sexes for infidelity.

Your flooding Neatorama, E.P., reveals a total lack of consideration for your hosts. Can't you summarize your conditioned responses in a single post?
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