Real-Life Application of Nanotechnology: How it Helps You Shave Better

Quick: what do you think of when you hear the word "nanotechnology"? High tech robots crawling through your bloodstream battling cancer cells? Well - that may be coming in the future, but nanotech is actually here - in a more humble form of shaving!

Here's a perfect example of how nanotechnology is now entering the realm of practical products for better living for ordinary folks:

Could your morning shave get any smoother? You bet - and no, this isn’t about some new 16-bladed razor from Gillette. Adding more blades seems to have reached the limits of practicality, and has forced razor researchers to take a closer look at the blades themselves. In the FX Diamond, nanotechnology is being used to coat each blade, greatly extending their durability. Electric razors are also trumpeting nanotechnology these days, one example being the Panasonic Arc electronic razor. The Arc features whirling blades impregnated with nanoparticles that make them sharper.

Read more about the real-life applications of nanotechnology at WebUrbanist: Link

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Yet another gimmic to keep me slaves to the lastest shaving "innovation".

A old school safety razor, a good 12 cent blade and some shaving cream that you mix up in a bowl still gives you the closes and most comfortable shave you'll ever get.

Men: Quit throwing your money away.
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@john: rinse your blades in hot water, wipe them with your towel, and then store the razor blade face up, so that any remaining moisture runs away from the cutting edge.
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@ Another Jake : get a DE (double edge) savety razor, order a blade sampler pack online and shave with the ones you like. Cheap, and with some practice a better shave!

there are a lot of blades to choose from, that all fit the same razor.

Visit for more info. (not my site, just a user :))
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