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My theory, with no data to back it up:

They were digging to build something and dug up a bunch of graves. A hipster decided it would be cool to make art out of it, and this was the project.
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The only problem with this report is that if you eat ANY processed food you'll have plenty of sodium in you diet. I've been trying to get my sodium level down, and even not eating in restaurants, not eating sausages or hot dogs, etc. my sodium is still above approved levels.

Hell, even shredded wheat -- with no sugar -- has sodium!
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I think he did a very good job, especially since many of the things he did are likely new to him.

What I did notice is that when he did the in-between dance-like moves they looked ludicrous. It points to the sexualization of women's floor routines, with the pretty-pretty, girly girly hand waves, butt shakes, hip shifts, etc. that have little or nothing to do with athleticism take precedence. You don't see the men doing that in their floor routines.

I love watching gymnastics in the winter games, and was a gymnast as a kid (mostly the strength things like parallel bars and rings, not so good at floor), and find the women's floor routines annoying.
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Yes, without looking at the others because I am a brilliant man and don't need any fricking help.

And even though you didn't ask for it I will tell you the answer, not just that I CAN answer it!

Red is a magic color that refuses to grow up, and lost its shadow while fighting an alligator in Never Never Land.

Or maybe the red W is just on the strings and the angle of the racket to the camera give it the illusion of solidity. One of those two things.
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Ridiculous. Kids see guns on TV, the movies, etc. And if I had a gun I would show the kid and be sure they knew what it was, not to play with it, and then I would put it in my locked case.

So the kid draws one at school and I go to jail? Moronic.

And I am a believer in gun control and restrictions.
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@Tod -- There are plenty of men who won for playing mentally challenged characters. Rain Man, etc.

It's not just about minorities. Oh, and women are not a minority. There are more of them than men. Oppressed or subjugated, maybe, but not a minority.
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