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I don't understand the "Oh Boy" statement.

What is wrong with people being taught how to grow natural medicine to help AIDs, Cancer, and other sick patients?

But I guess if they were taking a class to end up working for Pfizer then that's ok.
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Let's see...

Trust a plant that has been in known use for over 4,700 years...


Trust a pill from a pharmaceutical company that was invented in the last 20 years.

That's no choice at all.
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A Society without who's "God?"

Define "God."

There are many more definitions of "God" than just the stereotypical Judeo-Christian version.

Tat Tvam Asi.
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I once read a news article about a drunk driver who killed a family of four. It's NOW A FACT that all drinkers of Alcohol are irresponsible people who have no consideration for human life.

I love this site but the ignorance displayed about Marijuana on here is truly surprising.

Some authors here on Neatorama really need to take one day and volunteer with Cures Not Wars and see the benefits of this plant.

But I guess cancer and AIDS patients who use Marijuana to relieve their symptoms are only a bunch of lazy drug addicts who are a burden on society.
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I actually went to school with Ettore Boiardi's great grandson. His middle name was "Boiardi" and I remember when he told me the story of why the spelling of the name changed to make it easier to pronounce.
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