Neither Snow Nor Rain ... But Pot Will Do a Postman In!

While it's debatable on whether marijuana will lead to harder drugs, it's now fact that it can lead to laziness.

Here's the story of a postman who got so lazy after smoking so much pot that he decided to burn mail instead of delivering it:

Neil Goddard, 32, was given a 12-month sentence after he set up a huge cannabis factory in his bedroom and managed to cultivate 8,000 pounds of the drug.

But he smoked so much of it over a year-old period that he was too high to bother delivering thousands of items of post.

So let's revise that (unofficial) postal service motto: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, but pot surely can!"


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Tim Giachetti, you don't seem to be either thinking straight or reading correctly: I say pot users lack self-awareness. Those who do not take drugs tend to have a much lower opinion of potheads' contributions to society than the drug users' own assumptions. Can you contradict that?
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Truly, the only real measure of someone is how much they contribute to society.

That's why I hate those lazy babies.

And 8000 pounds?!? Could it be the writer of the article was confused and it was 8000 Pounds Sterling's worth?
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I completely agree with Mouserz: "Its just pot, laziness depends on the person." I know some fully functional potheads who go to work everyday and do their job as they were hired to do. Most drug abusers (other than pot) have never even tried pot. Their first drug was caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes - and those are all legal.
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Tim Giachetti, I never smoked pot in college or anywhere, I was talking about some of the people I had to endure there and later throughout my professional life.

The problem with pot users is that they often lack self-awareness and seldom think of themselves as 1) addicted or 2) a burden, but they're usually both to some degree. And comparisons to alcoholics or to medicinal users are beside the point really.
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