School of Pot: Cannabis College Offers Higher Education in Growing Medical Marijuana

Oh, boy. College today sure is different than when I went to school. Case in point: Med Grow Cannabis College, a school in Michigan that teaches students on how to grow medical marijuana (legalized there by a referendum in 2008).

Med Grow opened Sept. 14. Students pay $475 for a six-week night-school course that includes classes in marijuana history, marijuana law, the basics of business and, of course, several courses in how to grow and cook marijuana -- one taught by an anonymous professor who goes by the name "Nature." Two groups, each comprising 20 students, have graduated, and several other groups are on their way.

"The students are a mixed bag," says attorney Paul Youngs, who teaches Med Grow's law class. "We have patients who want to grow for themselves. We have people who want to be caregivers and who approach it as a business opportunity. We even had a priest who works with AIDS patients. It's a mix of races and a mix of ages from the 20s to the 60s. And I believe some of the students are not even users."

Peter Carlson of WaPo has the scoop on this different kind of "higher" education: Link (Photo: Gary Malerba for The Washington Post)

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to be real everyone smokes pot to get high, stop lyin to urselves and everyone else, i kno i do. and i guess you could consider it as medicinal if you use it to calm anger, help rethink situations that need to be thought out more than average and ect.
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I don't understand the "Oh Boy" statement.

What is wrong with people being taught how to grow natural medicine to help AIDs, Cancer, and other sick patients?

But I guess if they were taking a class to end up working for Pfizer then that's ok.
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Most people buy it from someone with whom they are related, or someone they grew up with, or someone they have known for a while and know to be trustworthy.

Most women I know wouldn't smoke weed with an unknown man unless they watch them roll it up. Just like they wouldn't drink anything given them unless they saw it opened in front of them.

Smart pot dealers don't sell to people they haven't known for at least a couple of years unless they know a family member and trust them.
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