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This post is SO Internet.

I liked clicking on the globe... istan. this is good stuff, but I expected more when I clicked on the items on the desk... and how do I get the dinosaur back?
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This is hardly a recreation from the film Amelie - this sort of prank had been going on for decades before the film was written, the film was merely art imitating life.
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this does work: I had a friend who would yawn to get her dog (black lab) to calm down around 8:00 each night... he dog would immediately start yawning, then go to his crate shortly after.
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Three cars, buried nose first in the ground... that is a pretty loose definition of a fence. Sounds pretty half-assed to me. Try harder, farmer.

They built a giant development near a amusement park in Virginia, and then the residents started to complain about the noise from the roller-coasters. Jackasses.
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The best part is that the two cars in the photo are a truck and an SUV...

@ sofar: I doubt there is an "attendant," per se, probably a clerk inside the mini mart.
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I am happy for that 9 year-old kid. I am encouraged by the fact that kids can be that resourceful in today's world. I want a world where that can happen.
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"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation"

Yay! Way to miss out on some free marketing.
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