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I don't know what depresses me more: the ordinances that prohibit garage conversion (which will be most needed in our oil-poor future), or the slavish, authoritarian comments by many of the people on this thread.

Many local laws are irrational - such as those that prohibit rainwater catchment, or laws that prevent you from growing food on your own property (one must be a docile sheep and maintain a putting green instead). These laws have demonstrably failed, and will soon be an impediment to the new poor. That's you, mate, in case you haven't been paying attention to the financial news.

We're going to need to start keeping CHICKENS, never mind converting garages.

To those 'authoritarian followers' who are OK with a granny being sent to prison (at taxpayers expense) for the audacity of wanting to adapt a garage for a non-automobile life form - two words:

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Oh for the love of...

This symmetry thing is utter bunkum. There is no such thing as a symmetrical face. This is a latter day version of Phrenology.

What kind of washed up, second rate hack "scientist" spends his life investigating "beauty" in any event?

One would think that there were more urgent questions facing the species...
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I vote fake.

Look at the two women in the cubicle where he began his attack. Having narrowly escaped death, they stand there, watching?

Wouldn't any woman in that situation want to flee? To get away from the psychonaut? Yet they remain, even as the attack escaletes, even moving closer at one point.

Seems bogus to me.

There were similar TV ads back on ZDTV (aka TechTV) back around 2000 - a cube slave takes his CRT monitor and drops it down the stairs. Remember those?
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Guys, I'm an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) - and have built some big models with the stuff...and there's no way that this is real. As noted, it's almost certainly a viral marketing campaign.

That much lego would cost thousands of dollars, even for raw brics. Rolling such a heavy object down a San Francisco hill would be an act of criminal negligence - such a heavy object moving at speed would be incredibly dangerous.

Now perhaps, if the sphere were hollow, it just MIGHT be plausible - but hollow spheres are pretty unstable, and I'd expect the thing to shatter or crack on impact with that car...even if glued.

So, either these guys are incredibly stupid and incredibly well off, or it's a viral campaign using a mixture of AE, styrofoam, etc.
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