LEGO Boulder Chases Indiana Jones!

These guys built a boulder using five million Lego bricks, then sent it rolling down a hill in San Francisco chasing a guy dressed as Indiana Jones! The boulder met its match in a car parked along the way. See the video at Gizmodo. Link -via reddit

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Guys, I'm an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) - and have built some big models with the stuff...and there's no way that this is real. As noted, it's almost certainly a viral marketing campaign.

That much lego would cost thousands of dollars, even for raw brics. Rolling such a heavy object down a San Francisco hill would be an act of criminal negligence - such a heavy object moving at speed would be incredibly dangerous.

Now perhaps, if the sphere were hollow, it just MIGHT be plausible - but hollow spheres are pretty unstable, and I'd expect the thing to shatter or crack on impact with that car...even if glued.

So, either these guys are incredibly stupid and incredibly well off, or it's a viral campaign using a mixture of AE, styrofoam, etc.
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Ah! So that's what that strange thing was all about. A friend of mine who works in advertising sent a mysterious photo of the Lego ball (yes, made mostly of styrofoam) but no info as to what for ... Now I understand :)
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