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I'll always like the Simpsons way more than boring, tired superhero comics. Underground comics (comix) on the otherhand, I'll gladly devour. Gimme lots of Crumb, Clowes, Bagge, Hensley, Ware, Tomaine, lots of unknowns, etc. any day.
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The cops weren't rude or violent with the people they cuffed. They were being practical and efficient. I wouldn't mind being temporarily inconvenienced if it meant catching the bank robber. If you aren't guilty, all use is a little time and the bad guy gets caught. People claiming this is a slippery slope to cutting off whole blocks, stadiums off people, etc. are being ridiculous. This was a relatively small amount of people. What better thing could the cops have done? By what better means could they have caught the banck robber. I think anyone filing a suit over this is an opportunist.
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I wish more buildings and cars had some colorful flair to them. Most buildings, home especially, seems as purposely drab and forgetably colored as possible.
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Not wanting to encourage stereotypes is sensible, but you can't deny a boy or girl's procliviities. How are they going to deal with his testosterone.
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Curly was the greatest, and I think it still comes across all these years later. Shemp was many rungs below him. I don't know if it's common knowledge, but the Stooges were at a severe disadvantage of working for a cheap studio. There contemporaries, The Marx Brothers, were able to use the best writers, editors, etc. Imagine if The Three Stooges had that kind of support!

Just a few days ago I searched Google and Youtube for any kind of interviews or off-camera footage of Curly and I couldn't find ANYTHING. Does anyone reading this know where to find something like that?
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I'll always remember how smugly proud he was to not know why Kurt Cobain mattered, and how his passing didn't merit all the attention it received.

We'll never be short on people living in the past.
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I saw something similar to this in Israel about 5 months ago. My visit was during the first week of the program, so it was still a novelty and all the bikes were still new, clean, and undamaged. I'm curious to know how successful the program has been. Credit cards are used to pay for time on the bikes which allows a record of who used which bike when and where, if any become damaged or stolen.
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