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@ Cap. He didn't forget, he died. His 'descendants' claim it as theirs.

The contractor gets nothing, and has no right.

Legally, the home owner should get it all. She owns the house, and everything within it. (Including things in the walls, like support beams, the electrical wires, hidden money or whatever).

Morally, she might decided to give the money to the 'kids' of the guy who left it there. If it was some bauble that had only sentimental value, she probably would. But do the kids want it because its money or because 'that what he would of wanted'? Probably the former.
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when I clicked the comments link for this, i thought "I wonder how many posts before someone makes the obvious chinese resturant joke".


Also, that A Softer World story is cool. I ran across that just a short time ago.
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I'm more interested in *why* gas prices are dropping. The huge profit margin gas compines make allowes them a lot of leeway in setting their prices. It the a political reason behind this? It is fallout from the economic troubles? I have no idea! Anyone?
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As soon as I saw this post title I thought "Oh Geez! This is going to end up with tons of comments of people arguing" then I though "Also, people saying it's not quite in the spirit of 'neat'orama." (To which I don't disagree. Who doesn't love a good anecdote of 8 year olds accidentally shooting themselves in the head? )

@ Anthony - not darwin award. One of the requirement of darwin awards is that the candidate has to be 'capeable of sound judgement' which essentially means no kids or serious mental handicaps.
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Worked for me. 85%, but then again, I'm the perfect demographic for this.

Missed the NBA jam one, and the 1st question. But I would protest the first question isn't really a SNES question, its an 'cartoon lore' question. You could know everything about the actual game and not know what cartoon decided to use it.
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Oh, be-still my f-ing heart.


I wonder if the wives will cheat on the husbands now that their reason for marrying him (wealth) is gone.

(and i'n not saying all women do that, but the ones who marry high paid software techs? yeah... and that's speaking as a software geek - although not a high paid one. :( ).
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