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Last time we had a democratic president his term in office ended with the GDP or the national economy having a surplus and not a deficit and he was one of the few presidents to do so. And what led more to the economic situaution we have now is the mass de-regulation for many corporations as well as the apalling amount of money thrown into the war in Iraq and the no bid contracts for many companies that had ties to high level officials in the Bush administartion. Thus leaving the greatest national economic deficit in American history.
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They just show the successful attempts. I had a friend that saw a video art exhibit in Japan that did a similar thing. The exhibit documented the chance occurnaces of things such as throwing a penny from across a big room and having it land perfectly into an ashtray. The artist did this with many different things but only showed the successful attempts of each task attempted thus making it look like he did each task flawlessly but in reality he only showed the rare chance occurance after many many tries. If you look in these videos you see the rest of the guys sitting near the trash cans so it looks like regular people are siting about but they are sitting there for when the can misses. That way people don't get pissed they just got hit with a can, it is only their friends that get hit.
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When I was younger I was at a neighborhood christmas party when one of my friends did get a fruit flavored lifesaver lodged in his throat and he was still able to breath becuase of the hole. The candy eventually withered away and went down. But he would have started choking if it were not for the hole.
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