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I remember him as Dracula when I used to watch his movie as a kid in the 80s. Even then his movie was already very dated and I thought he was dead or nearly so. So imagine my surprise to see him in LoTR. Kudos to the man!
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Isn't this standard procedure for buffet restaurants already? Almost every buffet I've eaten in penalizes customers for leaving food on the plate, sometimes for twice the per-plate price.
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I've never understood this "it is rude to use a cellphone in public/with company" mantra. Is it a western cultural thing? Here in Asia it is pretty much the norm.
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@PacRim Jim

At least you are fighting for the "dumbification" of America. Funny blog, btw. :)


Banning football is a wee harsh. Scale it back, stop building/renting stadiums, make coaches earn as little as adjuncts, yes. But it's still a viable college sport.
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