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Sorry, but at my work, we women had pink tool sets and even pens with pink ink. That way our old boss and men team-mates wouldn't steal our stuff. It was a running joke but hey, it worked, lol.
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I have one that belonged to my in-laws. The seat had a little switch under it that turned on a light on the small desk top. There's a cubby under the desk top for phone books and such.
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Can't remember which channel, History or A&E, anywho, one had an interesting show about sideshow performers. Several embraced their travels and shows and made a good living. They basically had to retire and missed their former lives when it became "not PC" to visit sideshows.
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Yep, I'm old enough to remember white tennis balls. It was a big thing if you had some of the "new" yellow tennis balls. They were also easier to see in at twilight before the court lights were turned on.
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Definitely a hold over in my neighborhood growing up in the 1960's. Everyone had a little area in their back yard in which they grew veggies. Seemed they all had a specialty and they swapped and traded to round out their foods to can.
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My first boss worked at Oak Ridge. He never said much about it just basically mentioned he worked there in passing. We worked in a research lab and so I figured it was a research facility of some sort where he worked as a young man.
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We had a older mommy cat that acted as mid-wife to our younger first time mommy cat. The older one stayed by the younger one as she gave birth, even cleaning up the babies as they were born.
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Around 1918 my Father, while chopping wood for kindling, nearly chopped off the tip of his finger. My Grandmother wrapped up the injured finger with a rag soaked in turpentine and then took my Father to the Dr. The Dr. unwrapped the finger, wrapped it back, and told them that was as good as it gets. Finger stayed and I was always in awe of the scar.
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