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Another Google Street View Frame - Man caught by Google passed out on the side walk.
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I live 10km from this pub and hadn't heard about this -- rather ironic, I think. Crocodiles feature on the front of our paper almost every day and I had to miss the one to make neatorama! So upsetting!

Noonamah is no unknown that theres a bumpersticker (see that one in the picture) made for it:
'Where the hell's Noonamah?'

(I just had to comment on seeing my Aussie hometown immortalised.)

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Pol x

I think LNG was 88 aus today. And rising, like everything. Petrol was $1.62 today :)

Where are you? I'm in NT, Aus (which means my prices are probably higher than the average).

Since everything is so far away out here, it really hits everyone hard - but the Holdens - the 4x4's are the worst. You see a car and you can predict the wage of the owner because it'll be based on it's fuel economy! And fuel efficient cars are rising in price too, since everyone wants them... We're looking a bit backwards when I put it that way!
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I converted that to Australian dollars and litres, and that means you are paying
$1.20 Aus = 1L

Which means, compared to that, we (where I am in Aus) are paying
$1.60 Aus = 1L

And that's a number that rises every day. :(

Diesel costs about $1.82 per litre and rises even faster.

For now, you guys are lucky!
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