Gas Prices: How High is TOO High?

California has reached a dubious milestone today, the statewide average price for self-serve regular gasoline has just crossed above $4 per gallon (even though it has been that high in some cities in the State for a while now):,0,6215332.story

Let me ask you a question: how high is too high? What do you think is the breaking point? $5? $10? $15 per gallon? And what would you if (or when) it got there?

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"US gas prices are high enough the day they match the rest of the world. At least ten bucks a gallon."

Yeah but do we get free healthcare and all the other goodies they get for paying such a high price via taxes? No.
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I could care less what the Europeans think. They have a different situation than we have. We live in a much larger country, one that is larger in area than western Europe. The logistics of our lives have been built around driving automobiles. Americans should drive, as a society, more fuel efficient vehicles. That can't be done overnight.

I have recently been shopping for a new, fuel efficient new car. The vast majority of the choices are Japanese or Korean vehicles, and these vehicles are commanding full sticker price and more. The entire fleet of new vehicles for sale need to be trimmed down in size for greater fuel economy. People are trading in their 8 cylinder Tahoes for small Toyotas, Nissans, etc.

There are only 2 viable American made small cars, the Ford Focus and the Chevrolet Cobalt. Chrysler has the Neon and quit making them. The American automobile manufacturers are basically out of touch with reality, and have been for quite some time.
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Pol x

I think LNG was 88 aus today. And rising, like everything. Petrol was $1.62 today :)

Where are you? I'm in NT, Aus (which means my prices are probably higher than the average).

Since everything is so far away out here, it really hits everyone hard - but the Holdens - the 4x4's are the worst. You see a car and you can predict the wage of the owner because it'll be based on it's fuel economy! And fuel efficient cars are rising in price too, since everyone wants them... We're looking a bit backwards when I put it that way!
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