Croc Walks into a Bar...

A 60 centimeter crocodile wandered into a pub in Noonamah, Northern Territory, Australia on Sunday evening. He almost made it to the bar when he was grabbed by patrons. They posed for pictures with him while waiting for a Parks and Wildlife agent to come.

The little punter was sent off to start a sober life out at Darwin Crocodile Farm.

The saltie saga is a first for the tavern, which has hosted horses and buffalo in the front bar over the years.

Tavern owner Tony Innes said crocs were welcome to visit the pub as long as they were all under a metre long.


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Wow, is underage alcoholism such a huge problem there among the croc population? Must be all those annoying tourists who tease them.
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I live 10km from this pub and hadn't heard about this -- rather ironic, I think. Crocodiles feature on the front of our paper almost every day and I had to miss the one to make neatorama! So upsetting!

Noonamah is no unknown that theres a bumpersticker (see that one in the picture) made for it:
'Where the hell's Noonamah?'

(I just had to comment on seeing my Aussie hometown immortalised.)

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A croc walks into a bar, and asks the barman for a beer. "How much is it?", asks the croc, "15 dollars", replies the barman, the croc pays and sits (lays?) drinking his beer.
The somewhat startled barman tries to start a conversation and says: "You know, there aren't many of your kind coming around here", and the croc replies:"Well, at 15 dollars a beer, I'm not surprised".
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Hey! Wanna hear a dirty joke? So, a saltie, a koala, and a kangaroo are in a bar...*looks around and sees a saltie sitting at the bar*...never mind. :(
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