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There's also the so-called David Hasselhoff attack, which consists on changing the desktop to a picture of The Hoff (a good one is one where he's posing naked with some puppies blocking his privates, google it as "david hasselhoff puppies" if you're not at work / sane). A more elaborated version includes changing the security policies in the control panel afterwards so you can't cange the desktp wall paper.

The ultimate prank would include a combination of that, and the one explained in this post.
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Well, she got what she wanted: publicity. I didn't even know she existed until now, and I've heard her name A LOT these days. And I'm not even American or interested in sports.
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The one on the left is a hitmonlee!
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@RD She doesn't actually want to talk bad of the show, as she is probably a fan. Enough of a fan to check the mathematical properties of Spongebob's house. She's just trying to be humorous ("I'm SO outraged because Spongebob's house has BILATTERAL SIMMETRY! THAT is NOT a pineapple!") while telling some facts about pineapples and maths.
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I was going to post the same thing. Wolfram Alpha seems to disagree, that's not HI.

Neat link though. I already knew the batman one (previously featured at Neatorama, IIRC), and the origami mermaid is worth trying
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The only ones that are actually elegant are the Hanukkah yorkshires. They even seem happy about the attire. The rest are wishing for a quick death.
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Lucas could have gone with Welles anyway. In the Spaniard dub, Darth Vader is played by Constantino Romero (one of the best radio voices ever, and well known), and I didn't realize it was him until a few months, nor did anyone I know.

This is him in the peak scene of The Empire Strikes Back
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uuuh uuuhh they hate what I love so they are a bunch of sexists/racists/whatever I can play a card of.

Come on. People hate it because it's a cheesy drama about a sparkling vampire. Guys don't hate it because girls love it, which is what she's saying, which is ridiculous
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