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Another great and famous writer that died (although was not born) on 23rd April 1616 was Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author of Don Quixote.

And apparently, another writer (although I didn't know about him until now) is the Peruvian writer Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
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Love how the web is Spanish (.es) and in fact some of the instants are of Spaniard origin. Some are from Spanish dub of Family Guy ("ZAS en toda la boca" was originally "POW Right In The Kisser" and SHH AAH is when Peter trips and hurts his knee) and Zasca was a (temporal) catchphrase of one of the collaborators in a Spaniard Late Night TV show.
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Back them, most people wouldn't not have enough food available to get that fat. Not implying that obesity is not a problem that should be solved ASAP, because it certainly is.
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The other day I saw a video on youtube were a dude claimed "I am not hear to tell my opinion. I am hear to tell the truth", and the video was him arguing that John Frusciante sucked. My instant though: "Sure, he can't hear. That explains his musical taste."

I'm surprised how often native speakers commit these kind of spelling mistakes, while people who learned Engish as second language don't.
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Also, the ostrich-emu picture has teeth. That's obviously photoshopped, as birds do not have teeth as far as I know. They just searched ostrich in google images.
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