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But...3.3 comes out Tuesday....and Cataclysm comes out next year. More for him to do!

Also, not writing from my parents basement, though I was up until 3am last night.
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I work retail. Went through a Walmart black friday about ten years ago, and last year and this I'm at Toys R Us. Those of us over on the registers laugh and cringe as everyone rushes in. At least my store has been pretty good about crowd control and forcing people into one line (makes checkout faster if they form one line until they get to register, then are pointed at the one with the shortest line)

Other then being called some nasty words for forcing people back into line I haven't had any problems.
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I just read "The Road" in anticipation of the movie coming out. Great book, though since I'd already seen the trailer I kept picturing Viggo Mortnesen as the Man, not totally a bad thing.
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@edselpdx I remember the Sim City red code too. And Pirates you needed obscure information from the manual. Which we solved with a photocopied copy of the manual.

I think fairy tail adventures was another one you could get around by memorizing.

(I grew up on Amigas, is it showing?)
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