Barbie the Computer Engineer

Barbie's been everything: a supermodel, a teacher, a nurse, and other careers that often fit a sexist stereotype about what work a woman can do. Departing from this trend, Mattel invited people to vote on Barbie's next career from a number of choices, some of which are very academically challenging. The result is that the newest Barbie doll will be a computer engineer:

The choice of computer engineer — a field in which men far outnumber women and in which women’s participation has been declining — was announced Friday at the New York Toy Fair.

Lynn Langit, a developer evangelist at Microsoft who teaches programming to girls and works on a Microsoft program called DigiGirlz that teaches girls about technology careers, said she was thrilled about Barbie’s next career.

“We can use any sort of positive influence that we have, because the number of girls studying programming is abysmal,” she said.

Link via Wired | Image: Mattel

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That's true, in todays work world you need more specific education since generals feilds don't just do it any more, so they need to start producing versions like Limited Liability Lawyer Barbie.
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BGIABW, except for the cheating and not shaving, that would be my current wife.

I am a computer engineer and right now I am about as pessimistic about the future of computer engineers in the US as it is possible to be. I'm actually trying to change careers, it seems like being technical is a liability or at least very career limiting. I apologize for the bitter.
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Ah, Barbie, she doesn't:

* manage your bank account
* marry for money
* waits till youre married before she cheats so she can say "honey, we have to work on our marriage" as an excuse
* pretend her farts are accidental
* talk for hours on worthless subjects
* eat popcorn and ice cream on the couch like a gross half bear half whale while watching so you think you can dance and survivor
* walk around like a wookie neglecting to shave (see above, working on marriage)
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