Susan Boyle's Got Talent

48-year-old Susan Boyle always dreamed of becoming a professional singer. When she walked out on the stage of the TV show Britain's Got Talent, no one expected her to do well.
Miss Boyle told presenters Ant and Dec that she lived alone with just her cat Pebbles for company. She said: ‘I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never even been kissed.’

She then stomped across the stage and began clumsily gyrating her hips towards the judges, prompting laughter from the audience.

But you can't always depend on first impressions. Link

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My feminist comments are not obnoxious.
You don't work on Broadway, you work under a rock in the Jurassic Period, and Ted, you're just like a five year old with no concept of modern day society.
I would not even dignify calling you a moron. You're worse.

Read Beverly McPhail's article on Google today,
"Let's makeover cultural bias"

Read and learn

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I am so very happy for Miss Boyle. She certainly deserves all the recognition she gets. I believe that record producers will be knocking down her door. Be careful Susan, & don't let anyone rip you off. Make sure you have someone you have 100% confidence in, to look over any contract you sign, so that you are well protected. Best Wishes, & GOD BLESS.....
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You're absolutely right. It's called manipulation. And we as an audience were manipulated to think Ms Boyle was a "weirdo", hence the "funny music" as she came onstage.

I'm not denigrating Susan Boyle's obvious talent at all ... just the dishonesty factor the GBT Team use to make her even more of an underdog.

She had to go through a preliminary audition and they'd have known then they had something special.

Cowell at least, if not Dumbo Morgan and Mutton-dressed-as-lamb Holden, knew of Ms Boyle well before her very public first showing. PR Guru (and general pain-in-the-bum) Max Clifford said as much in a very recent interview.

And of course ... the manipulation was successful.

25 million YouTube and worldwide fame through viralvid is testament not just to Susan Boyle's talent ... but also how intrusive media-manipulation can be!
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Like most people, I was moved to tears within the first few notes Susan sang. I have followed with interest the comments of those with voice training and vocal experience. I have neither, and could certainly hear nothing amiss in her delivery. What did strike me, though, in both her BGT and "Cry Me a River" recordings was the difficulty any singer has singing to recorded music. Much of the magic, I think, occurs in the emotional and stylistic "dialogue" and interchange between a singer and her back-up band or orchestra. Singing, as Susan has, to a recording seems a lot like an actor performing a dialogue scene with a tape recorder, or like high-tech Karaoke. I can only imagine how rich and nuanced her voice and performance can be when she is responding to (and being responded to) by a live orchestra. I hope such a CD isn't long in coming!
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