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Maybe I should try this. I tend to go to bed around 10 or 11 and wake up around 2 or 3. Usually I just roll over and go back to sleep, but maybe I should get up and do something semi-productive.
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I work in a call center. 2 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch. Pee during that time. Or else you're allowed a 5 minute 'personal' every day. Fastest I can do is 3 minutes from my desk to the restroom and back. And I'm a girl, heh.
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Doesn't have anything for me. Probably because I use adblock in firefox most of the time and when I use Chrome I don't always log into google first. Least, that's my guess.
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Reminds me of another german center where they put a fake bus stop out front. Dementia patients would go wait for the bus until they forgot what they were doing, then be helped back inside.
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