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As I played this video my dog we just got from the shelter a week ago got confused by the barking at the start. This was an awesome video and shelter doggies are great dogs.
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I used to work at a toy store. I had someone complain to a manager that I was rude because I pointed out to her that her children were pulling pool chemicals off the shelf and I shouldn't have told her kids "No." I didn't even say anything to the kids!
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I grew up in Minnesota and Washington and neither of those homes had AC. Granted, the home we lived in Minnesota was a dome home, so it was built to circulate air. We just used fans in the summer and slept in almost no clothes. I can still remember lying hot and sticky in bed trying to sleep when the sun was still up.

Now I live in Texas, so heck yes I have AC, but I still keep it pretty warm in the house, though I try to open windows when I can. It's not helped that I'm in a crummy apartment with poor air circulation.
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And again I get news like this first on my 'phone' which pops up with news alerts. He was one of the first authors I actively seeked all his work and his stories still live in me twenty-five years later. I'll be re-reading the Illustrated Man today.
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