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David Bowie in "The Prestige" played the ultimate Tesla (and Christian Bale was in that too). I would far prefer to have Bowie come back as Tesla and let Bale play one of the other characters...
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I can't believe they'd want to fit the elephant with contact lenses (that you have to replace regularly and get the animal to cooperate) when they could just do laser surgery ONCE and be done.
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"World's First"???

Guess he didn't want to admit that it's stolen from the beginning of the Val Kilmer movie "Real Genius" where Kilmer launches one in his dorm room....
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Yup! Now instead of buying one drink and driving all day on a trip, you have to stop multiple times to get new drinks, costing you more and wasting time and gas.

No one said people slug down mega-drinks in one gulp!
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They look less like the garments of a superior race and more like like costume night at an S&M bar a la Joel Schumacher's Batman movies.

The original 1978 Kryptonian costumes were better.
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Yup. We nearly have the technology to push any of the thousands of city-sized rocks that pass by us onto any spot we want. Nuclear missiles are obsolete if you can obliterate the life off a continent without all that nasty radioactive fallout and for less cost than refining scarce plutonium.
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Every time I see one of these I shake my head and sigh. I've been flying R/C for 35 years and this kind of crap is going to get the FAA or the courts to ban or put severe restrictions on our hobby (and like everything else it will only affect the responsible members of the community.)

The Academy of Model Aeronautics has been working with the FAA to keep us from being impacted severely by the recent rules they just passed in response to 9/11/2001 and all it takes is one bozo to screw it up for the rest of us.
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So you're going to do brain surgery and provide life support for a $4 chicken? Yeah, I don't think so....

Gotta laugh when these city boys come up with ideas.
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