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And it's missing one of the essential bits: that square hole with a breakable tab that you poked out with a pen for data protection; you had to either stuff with a tiny ball of paper or cover with sticky tape to "unlock" the protection. I just loved cracking those tabs!
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@ Miss Cellania: I know what you mean. We grow all our own vegies and meat organically, but rarely buy organic food as it is so much more expensive. But I also agree 60 is not a big sample size. Nevertheless, I had a quick think about the people I know who only eat organic and bar one of them they are quite judgmental and intolerant compared to the others. I also agree that cause and effect is likely to be the other way round.
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As a non-American, the whole tipping thing floors me. Tips are altogether optional in Australia, and it's not unusual to pay no tip at all. Our serving staff don't earn a high salary, but neither are they dependent on tips. I was only in the USA for a week but I had to call friends there every time I ate anywhere to find out what I was supposed to tip!
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I've had "Italian type spaghetti ramen" ( and it was quite nice, actually. And it did even remind me of spag bol, too.
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Obviously none of you have ever lived in Germany! Honestly, they can be quite excessive about cleanliness and cleaners, and their cleaners are thus by necessity zealous. It's not unusual for the cleaners to be foreigners from underdeveloped countries who speak little German (or anything other than their own language) but are great cleaners, and if they've been told to clean everything... well, they will. In 1986, rather famously, an artwork by Joseph Beuys, a dirty bathtub, was also cleaned by a museum cleaner.
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I don't doubt that there are lovely pitbulls, and I know some nasty labradors (as a comparison breed) but you rarely have a labrador savaging someone to death. Sure, the problem has a lot to do with the training, but even a badly trained labarador is unlikely to go so far as to kill a child. It may snap and bite, but not continue on to kill. Breeds like pitbulls were bred for fighting, and the instincts and aggression are thus bred into them for that purpose. As Leah Hokmah said, why would you own a pitbull unless you wanted it for fighting? (And why would you want a dog to fight other dogs? That's a whole new discussion.) If you want a family dog, get one that has the traits best suited to that. You wouldn't buy a formula one car to be your family car, even though it *could* do the job.
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I went twice, once in 1994 and again in 2005. In 1994 you could go at dawn if you paid something like $20. The price went down to something like 2c a few hours later. I thought it was a good way to ensure all Indians could all afford to go there, but foreigners could pay more for something special. At dawn it was eerie and empty and unbelievably beautiful. No crowds to distract you. (Albeit, there was still the Bollywood music over the loudspeakers to distract you.) When I went again in 2005 they had changed it so the Indians still only paid about 2c and foreigners and non-resident-Indians paid heaps, regardless of what time you went. Dawn was still pretty empty though. A lot of tourists (or "travellers" - huh! there's so little difference! Even if you travel for 2 years with a backpack - and I have - you're still basically a tourist, no matter how you try to justify it) Anyways, so many tourists complain about this unfairness, but in a very poor country they need the money for maintenance, and the TM needs a lot of constant maintenance, even without attending to the foundations. If they made it an average price for all, most Indians wouldn't be able to afford to see one of their most beautiful treasures. Oh, and one more thing about it: one of the most surprisingly things about it is that close up it is not pure snowy white - it is COVERED in marble inlays in black, blue, red, green etc. It's just so bloody big you don't see that at a distance.
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When I lived in Japan some 20 years ago Japanese women told me that it was considered attractive if your incisor teeth stuck out. Don't know if that was a passing fad or is still the case.
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Maybe I just have a dirty, dirty mind, but I can't think of what the "correct" answer could be. Hedwig? Surely not, Wand? Nah, I mean, all the gals at Hogwarts had their own wand, right? so that's not it. Come on, someone help me!
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I help out at a friend's free range, organic chicken farm, packing their eggs. They have several flocks (each with its own maremma guard dog) and each time they get a batch of 500 new chicks, these will form their own new flock, so each flock has hens of the same age. Some young hens go through a phase, when they start laying, and have huge eggs with double yolks. They settle down later to normal single yolk eggs. This means many hens in one flock could be going through the double yolk stage at the same time. The eggs are sorted according to weight, so these heavy ones would end up packaged together. They don't throw away the double yolkers. Breeders DO throw them away, as they won't be viable for chicks. My friend's farm is certified organic, and the hens definitely only get organic grain with lots of grass and other plant stuff in the paddocks, so it's not due to diet.
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