Newest Japanese Beauty Fad: Crooked Teeth

Can't get a girlfriend or a find a spouse? Maybe you're too perfect. That's the logic behind this strange Japanese fad of getting yourself some crooked teeth:

Dental Salon Plaisir says its Tsuke-yaeba -- or Stick-on Crooked Teeth -- will impart that desirable “imperfect” look to men and women alike, making them more attractive to the opposite sex.

The theory behind that slightly odd approach is that classic beauty tends to scare away timid suitors, whereas a more down-home look is easily approachable.


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When I lived in Japan some 20 years ago Japanese women told me that it was considered attractive if your incisor teeth stuck out. Don't know if that was a passing fad or is still the case.
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Weird isn't it? Every part of your body is asymetrical. Especially, it seems, your face. So why is it that some people are obsessed with the idea that their teeth should be symmetrical, even and perfect.
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My understanding is that until fairly recently in Japan, it wasn't a given that a child with crooked teeth would wear braces. People just didn't worry too much about crooked teeth and it wasn't generally viewed as unattractive.
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