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You know, I've become so used to the Duggars they don't shock me any more.
But what bugs me is the boy in the back row's T-shirt.
The one with bible verse Isaiah 10:31 on it.
"Madmenah is in flight;
the inhabitants of Gebim flee for safety"
WHat does that mean! Why is it on a T-Shirt?
Is this a fundy Christian's version of hipster?
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its a job and its interaction with the normally invisible homeless. Because you have to talk to get the password for your hotspot and you usually get their story too.
Similar to the homeless newpapers that are sold with content generated and published by homeless except this is actually something you want instead of a pity purchase.
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I think he made a valid point. Everything that happened in Ep 1 was either totally irrelevant to the next two movies or was recapped in the dialogue of Eps 2 and 3.
It exists but could be considered expanded universe not part of the intended saga or as a commenter on the article suggested simply play Weird Al's "the saga begins" which summarizes everything nicely and go on to ep 2.
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I think two-sleep started to phase out when we started staying up later. Some days (maybe couple times a year) I am just so bushed I go straight to bed after work about 5pm then wake up at 10pm eat dinner and watch tv for a couple hours then back to bed until 6am.
I guess some days I just need ten hours of sleep.
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Does not strike me as photorealistic. They may have passed for photorealistic in the 70's but today's photorealistic pieces are barely distiguishable from photos.

These look like photos that have had so many filters 'shopped on to them they you can barely tell they were originally photos.
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