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Singapore was an amazing place. The old shophouses and nostalgic charm you speak of is but a faraway dream, even as I will be 24 this year. Economic progress is prioritized above all else (including freedom, in my opinion) and the people don't have much say in just about anything; if the ruling party thinks it's good for Singapore, then that shall be it. Further arguments, however logical or reasonable, is brushed off with meandering answers to other questions. There are other issues, but let's not turn this into a full-blown rant. Suffice to say that among the younger generation, comments like the above are not uncommon; we all have the desire to get out of the country for various reasons. Like I said, Singapore WAS an amazing place, just not anymore.

I just happened to have went to the city for photography, and I should add that the picture above definitely took a lot of additional camera filters, retouching, or both. The skies here are usually just a vast stretch of white, with lots of diffused light which makes my post-processing a huge pain.
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LIving in this place, I must say MrBinky is spot on. Though, nobody really gets fined for eating in the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit, the city's train, and from which the picture is taken)
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Neat! though, translated to about $2100 in my currency, it's way too expensive for me to afford.

And if I spilled liquid on it, I imagine I'll have to tear more than a couple of sheets before I get a clean slate.
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The first thing that strikes me is that the colour selection doesn't seem to be a random choice (there seems to have been many other cars of the same colour combi that had been made prior to filming this one. Still quite neat, nonetheless.
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