Weird Laws of Singapore.

I love Singapore! It's truly a fine city (it's clean and safe, thanks to strict, no-nonsense enforcement of the law - and yes, "fine" city because breaking the law will result in a stiff fine).

Like any country, Singapore has many "weird" laws - here's a summary: Link - Thanks Zaini!

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I can understand very well and highly appreciate that the Government of Singapore banned the fruit Durian on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains because of its unique distinctive odour which absolutely overpowering and highly offensive smell which gives people the reaction of intense disgust. Please avoid this at all cost - that is being highly wise, you will not be able to sleep at all and it is surely a knock out blow to our olfactory glands. By Altaff Aumeeruddy
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I just recently found out with a little bit of heavy research that Singapore to partially lift its famous ban on chewing gum - in order to comply with a free trade agreement with the United States.

Singapore banned chewing gum in 1992 because of a litter problem and serious breach of health and safety regulations on the Mass Transit Trains (MRT).

The pristine Singapore city-state, did not like gum sticking to its pavements, but the rules have been relaxed as part of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which came into effect at the start of the year 2004.

The government of Singapore will allow the sale of Nicorette, a nicotine gum, because the agreement with the US says "therapeutic" brands should be allowed.

But Singapore has not removed its strict ban completely, agreeing only to allow sales of "therapeutic" gum in pharmacies, and only to those with a prescription as well as for medicinal purposes. By Altaff Aumeeruddy
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Singapore is a model city and a model country. Foreigners might find the rules or laws quite strange because they do not understand the reason and the moral behind such rules, regulations and the law. Let me give you all an example to think about? Why did Singapore banned Chewing Gum on the metro or Underground or Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) depending where you are in the world? Think about it first? You all give up now!!! Come on guys!!!! Ok then I will all give you another minute to think about it? We need a serious pause for thought - I want you all postulating like Aristotle did? Come on guys! Try harder!!! Was it hygiene purposes? Naaaaaaaaa you all wrong guys!!!!! Was it sticky or gooey?? You all wrong now!!! You give up now!!!!! OK then - the answer to this was that people was chewing the gum and then stuck it to the doors of the Mass Transit Trains (MRT) which eventually causes the doors to jammed which eventually cost millions of Singapore Dollars to fix as well as it was serious breach of health and safety regulations. While MRT was on the move the passengers could easily fallen out which might cause death. For those reasons the Singapore Government and MRT authority decided to banned chewing gum. That why you might find the laws quite strange and baffling, but if you know reason why? It would help you understand and enlighten you all. By the way - Singapore is one of the cleanest cities/country in the world. By Altaff Aumeeruddy.
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