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I agree with you about the sex offenders shadowfirebird. They really need to redefine who is classified as a sex offender, rapists and child molesters, yes, streakers and public urinators, no.

On the other hand, retch, being against animal abuse doesn't make you a PETA supporter.
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Marty, I actually tried that when I was in middle school. It doesn't do anything but hurt and make you hyper because you're doing something stupid you know you shouldn't be doing.
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Shouldn't we worry about the fact that felons can't vote in most states before we start worrying about job discrimination?
Personally, I feel like a criminal conviction shouldn't stop you from getting a job if the crime is completely unrelated, but if I ran a bank, I shouldn't have to hire a person who was convicted of stealing just because it might be considered discrimination.
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