A Blogger Actually Tries The "Newest Teen Trend"

You've almost certainly heard of the terror stories circulating about teen girls using vodka soaked tampons to get drunk. As it turns out though, this big news story is probably pretty bunk. We know that now thanks to Huffington Post blogger Danielle Crittenden, who actually tried this technique and wrote about the outcome.

If you don't want to read the fairly graphic article, here's her results:
If there is any smidgen of effect, it's notional, and probably only psychological. Overall, vodka-in-a-tampon seems a very inefficient, not to mention unpleasant, way to get drunk. I suppose the positive is that there is no danger of a second round.

Makes you wonder how many of these other "disturbing teen trends" are totally untrue too.


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Marty, I actually tried that when I was in middle school. It doesn't do anything but hurt and make you hyper because you're doing something stupid you know you shouldn't be doing.
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I teach at a middle school and apparently,the latest tween high trend is snorting crushed Smarties. Wonder if I need to try THAT to test its authenticity!
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She should try out Trepanning and let us know how it works. I heard those Raelian kids think it's all the rage and they are doing it to improve awareness of reality. That is; you get to have tea with Rael and some of the feeling of having a head disappears during the Trepanning process.
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her conclusions are pretty much what i figured (although she's much braver than i am!)

urban legends like this have been going around forever, especially among kids, but in this age, they spread WAY faster. still i find it highly amusing that people never bother to stop and think logically about it for a minute (as the article's author pointed out, when she brought up the fact that even trying to attempt this is difficult...and painful).

while i find most of these legends pretty hilarious, i do find it a little disturbing that so many media outlets pick up on this stuff and repeat it as fact, when the reality is that it rarely is (and thus, they obviously didn't do their due diligence in corroborating the story). talk show hosts like Oprah have always been notorious for spreading this around, often taking whole hour-long episodes to scare the crap out of parents with that whole "what you'll hear over the next hour will shock you! parents, do you really know what your kids are up to?" BS at the beginning of said episodes.

remember that whole "Rainbow Party" story going around a couple years ago? Oprah spread that story like wildfire...except she left out the part that those parties NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED. or my personal favorite, the whole "Satanic Panic" thing in the 80's, what with the "evil" heavy metal bands and so-called "Satanic ritual killings". Geraldo was pretty fond of that one and it went on for quite a while as far as these stories go...except even the FBI finally admitted that they couldn't pin ONE SINGLE CRIME on the supposed "Satanic epidemic". ah, good times.

it still blows my mind that even well-known and famous "journalists" can't be bothered to spend the 60 seconds it takes to log onto a website like Snopes and see whether an urban legend has any truth to it.
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