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"Update: According to Inhabitat, Coca-Cola has released an official statement claiming the video is fake and the company has no plans to introduce or sell its products in plastic bags."
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Actually, the Coral snake mimics the Milksnake. Animals do not survive being bitten by a Coral snake (because of the strong venom) so they never learn to fear them. Milksnakes have a painful bite that animals remember.
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You have to look at the reasons people are getting married:

1. Religious
2. Statement of love/commitment
3. To raise children
4. Legal (taxes/insurance/finances/medical)

A lot of people these days are not religious and do not want kids, so there is less reason to get married. I wish gay marriage and pleural marriage were legal so I could marry my 2 partners whom I love very much. None of us want kids or are religious, so it would be for reasons 2 and 4.
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I would also say that convergent evolution might create aliens that superficially resemble humans, even though they may have completely different anatomy and origins. In the same way a tasmanian tiger looks so much like a dog. This is assuming that intelligent, space-faring races fill a similar ecological niche and evolved similar body parts to cope with similar environmental problems. This also assumes that they evolved on a planet similar to earth. Personally, I don't think this is very likely, but it is one possible explanation.
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This is a really good compromise. It might be nice if all posts were around this size. Since Neatorama is updated very frequently (yay!) it makes it easier to scroll through new content when posts are shorter (with a click to see more).
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That looks really cool, and I would love to try it. I worry about the braking issue, and being able to get out in an emergency. Without some sort of electronic monitoring system, is one person is going 10mph and someone smacks them from behind going 50mph, it might cause some issues. Also, what about people with small children? What about height issues? I wonder if the pedal length is adjustable. Very cool link though.
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Dirt eating is common in cultures that suffer from famine, malnutrition, and diarrhea. Dirt is nature's pepto-bismol, and many people who do not have access to doctors and drugs would die without it.
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