Burdened Office Workers

This Friday’s Museum of Possibilities addresses the many kinds of burdens felt by office workers, and offers to “solve” or ameliorate some of them.

Though office workers have more freedom to move about in their cubicles than, say, debeaked and declawed chickens can move inside their tiny coops, they do experience a variety of underlying stresses. For one, they are required to appear artificially perky and cheerful on the job, which author Barbara Ehrenreich says wastes energy that could be devoted to actual work – see Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream, and Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America. Further, they need to keep up with the latest information, work late hours, take work home, and at the same time learn how to keep fit, look presentable and multitask. A good multitasker might be on the phone while answering email and doing “research” online, which might include checking out interesting facts on Neatorama.

All in all, there is more to being an office worker than just showing up for work. While today’s workers do not always need to carry a heavy briefcase to accomplish work at home – a USB stick loaded with PowerPoint files fits easily in the suit jacket pocket – there is nonetheless the need to continue to worry about the job as well as to work after hours or at home. I believe that the available types of office apparel fail to take into account real needs! I have come to the aid of workers of the office world with suits and dresses, jackets and hats designed especially for office professionals!

Visit Steven M. Johnson at his website.

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I'm a big fan of Steves since I discovered him through Neatorama, He is incredibly inventive and an excellent draughtsman. So haters, If you don't like something, you just skip to the next article. It's that easy.
Thanks to Miss Cellania and the team for getting Steves work to a new audience. I always retweet his posts and my friends love them.
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1. I LOVE and look forward to Steve's MoP postings. I have never understood people who wish to ban everything that they don't like/understand.

2. Steve: I think the Turn-Signal-Apparel is particularly ingenious! I'm tired of people(wherever their attention is) running into me in hallways!

3. John P (comment #1): I agree 100% with your mean and twisted "lead inserts for the yoke-case" idea!! Love it! :)
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This is a really good compromise. It might be nice if all posts were around this size. Since Neatorama is updated very frequently (yay!) it makes it easier to scroll through new content when posts are shorter (with a click to see more).
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