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Great work!! But also creepy! Isn't there one important body part missing? I mean - ehm, where babies usually have diapers this man looks like a lady... Or is that part of some weird message?! I am confused here...
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There is NO such thing as GERMAN DNA. There is even hardly something that can be called GERMAN PEOPLE, we are a total mixture of all kind of European tribes and peoples that moved through the center of Europe, we are the European average, if you wish.
AND we are normal human beings who experience all kind of emotions - including joy! It is just not so common in central Europe to pretend you are in a perfect mood if you are not. More a mentality thing, I guess.
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The song is not that creepy, its just natural for kids to also be curious about death. What IS creepy is the VIDEO!! Especially in the beginning the voice-over (adult male voice lip-sinc with kids faces... wtf?).
I liked that the song is about the questions kids (actually we all somehow) have about death. It would be unnerving if it was pretending to have "true" answers to all those questions.
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The only target group I can make out here is 11-year old boys. They really need something MANLY to distance themselves from those tall monster-girls that grow breasts in their class. All men above that age should be confident enough about their male identity and continue to consume the three things a man truly needs: steaks, beer and cigarettes.
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Weather you are a good parent is not determined by your age but by your character. Having said that, I still see that it is mostly very young parents who make the fatal mistakes of shaking a baby (out of frustration) and it is quite unlikely for very young parents (early twenties) to stay together for a lifetime.
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The bible has some pretty violent parts, too...
And in Winnie the Pooh there is this incredibly binge-eating bear. Might encourage kids to eat too much sugar. And Eye-ore is too depressed! ;-D
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