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I have heard about that long exposure times, too. But how could they keep the kids and babies in place for such a long time?! Victorian education or shorter (MUCH shorter) exposure times after all? ;-D
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The miniature-effect is not due to that coin, but due to the blurred parts in the picture. Otherwise it will just look like a giant coin besides a normal looking vespa.
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They still have normal boys/girls names (I hope) they will go to school and see "stereotyped" behavior there. What are the goals of such an upbringing? Kids with identity problems? Does it really only go as "deep" as to encourage boys to play with dolls? Why is that important? What for? %-/
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I get the impression, that in earlier days people used "pretty" house-ornaments to show "pornographic" images. Yep, it's probably just me, but to me this is the case above. A very pretty ornament, indeed.
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Here in Finland its a tradition to make a very nice, fresh tasting drink out of birch sap. It has a lot of Xylitol in it and protects you from tooth-ache and ear infections :-)
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I think, that the first generation immigrants tend to believe in the idea that you just have to give your best, and you can socially and economically make it to wherever you want (to become "rich"). The second generation notices, that dad an mom work their a***s off to get somewhere, but fail (due to racism or other inequality that occurs). The second generation therefore is less motivated in working hard (it's not leading to the goal imagined) AND tell their kids that working doesn't pay off (or/and get into drugs etc. thus being a negative role-model for their kids - the third generation). The boredom (and sense of inequality/latent racism) resulting from a life of less motivation leads to drug abuse and delinquency (and less empathy to the natives).
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It IS grinding and tiresome raising a child. But I rather let myself be ground to pieces by my own kids than waste a lifetime working in a business that does the same to me without the emotional reward.
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