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I don't think that's the only reason. If a product is defective and you want to return it, how do you prove you bought it from that particular shop without a receipt? Not all products have store branding.
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Apparently, he was inspired by classical Greek sculpture and his physique was almost in perfect proportion according to the "Golden Ratio".

I'm led to believe that he and that other American bodybuilding icon, Steve Reeves, would be considered "weak" and "flabby" by modern standards.

All of which is irrelevant cos real men have curves!
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Great, big, humongous safe for all the money she makes from running the most interesting and informative blog on the net?

No?! You need to think again, Mr Santoso.

Now, for the love of chocolate, can I get an effing t-shirt?!
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I'd never heard of him but after a quick look on Wikipedia turns out he was as nasty and barbaric as the above curse would lead you to believe.

"Dunbar's archiepiscopate coincided with one of the first tides of Protestantism to enter Scotland. Dunbar played a proactive role persecuting the perceived heretics. In 1539 alone he ordered the burning of seven people, including a youth named Kennedy and a Franciscan friar named Jerome Russell. On 29 February 1528, Dunbar attended the trial and signed the sentence of Patrick Hamilton, who was burned alive for six hours before dying (the faggots were wet), a death which made him one of the Scottish Reformation's most famous martyrs."
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I'm pretty sure that's a female elephant, the largest one. Note the, umm, boobs and lack of "equipment" at the rear. Compare and contrast to the smaller one in the foreground who's giving the world a delightful view.
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Just the other day I was wondering whether it's still possible to be a polymath, given the massive amount of information available in each specialty and the fact that a whole lifetime can be spent on one very narrow area of a subject and still mastery is elusive. I'm not suggesting this guy is but it makes for an interesting story.
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