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More so - I wouldn't want to *support* someone selling copycat or reprints of Banksy's work. I respect the artist, and not-undermining him by supporting misappropriation of his work is a way of showing it.
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It's also to prevent customer theft. Most stores won't give cash for returns without a receipt. On the topic of cashiers and mental arithmetic. Last week I bought 6, 50 cent food items. The bar code wouldn't scan so the cashier put in a generic code and then could not figure out how much to charge me. I had to tell her the total was $3 and no tax.
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While that's an easy target, the real problem is subtler than that. It was best-evidenced in the retooling of the original trilogy. Mos Eisley (a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you won't find anywhere) was suddenly punctuated with slapsticky jawa scenes and goofball, unnecessary additions (like Han walking on Jabba). It totally destroyed the ominous vibe of the place from when I first saw it as a child. And that is one of many examples where Lucas destroyed his own creation. 3PO and R2 were meant to be the Rosencrantz and Gildenstern comedy sideline, and they served that need well. Saturating the entire world with goofy fare just ruined it all. And that misguided "revamped" vibe seemed to pervade the entirety of the prequels.
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Besides what you think of the dog's right to life, the vet took the owner's money and did not provide the service he purchased. At the very least, the euthanasia fee should be returned.
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