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Ugh, I agree that the scrambled eggs look awful. It looks like they've already been thrown up. Maybe they're magical self fulfilling prophecy eggs.
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As others have said. She's just repeating what she sees, all children do that. And one more thing, Beyoncé’s thighs are huge! I'm hungry for some fried chicken drumsticks now.
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Sociopathy and Psychopathy are both different branches of Antisocial Personality disorder. They look very similar from a distance and tend to get mixed up.

* A Psychopath is someone who has no morals at all.
* A Sociopath is someone who has morals, but those morals are twisted.

Hitler is an example of a Sociopath.
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It's just part of their belief system.

I heard about another indian man who married a barbie doll. It represented his dead wife, or something. I think I remember watching it on the National Geographic channel.

Marrying is supposed to be more symbolic in their culture. To put it more bluntly, he isn't going to do the unthinkable to this dog.
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