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It's easy to have a knee-jerk reaction (this was written in the Daily Mail, the most knee-jerk, reactionary, proudly ignorant and spiteful paper in the UK, after all) but I have to say the cliche, "Think of the children". Social Services do make mistakes (sometimes with tragic results), but they act in the best interests of the children involved. Then again, the full facts are probably not available in this article.
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Don't forget Douglas Adams and John Lloyd's The Meaning of Liff, which took town names and used them to mean stuff like this.
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I didn't realise O'Reilly was a news reporter.

Also, Gervais shot his bolt about 5 years ago, and the rolling eyes after each punchline prove it.

The ladybird is beautiful.
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Clarkson is a notorious darling of the right-wing Daily Mail-reading Tory/libertarian chattering classes in the UK. He's one step away from Richard Littlejohn, in love with the sound of his own voice, and so very proud of his convoluted smartarse writing. I discard him.
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