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Top 10 Stupid Things Americans Ask Brits
British comedian Ricky Gervais wrote a Top 10 list of the stupidest things American asks our cousins across the pond.

Here he is on David Letterman: Link

Ladybug in Ultra Slo-Mo
This one is definitely nifty: here's a ladybug captured taking flight on ultra slo-mo.

The good stuff starts at about 1:07 (I can't help but think it's mooning us for a while there ...) Link

Yao Ming's Incredible Shot
How cool is the Houston Rockets' center Yao Ming? Here's his behind-the-back (okay, overhead), no-look lucky shot:


When News Reporters Lose It
Everyone loses it once in a while, but these reporters got their meltdown moments immortalized on tape! There's even one of Bill O'Reilly losing it!

Link (yes, contains bad language)

If you like the Bill O'Reilly one, here's the dance remix version (even more bad language!)

Geared Heart
This one is for all you papercraft lovers out there ... Here's the super-duper-most-awesomest papercraft EVAR! It's by Haruki Nakamura of Paper Engineering Kamikara.


If you like that one, check out the gears cube

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I didn't realise O'Reilly was a news reporter.

Also, Gervais shot his bolt about 5 years ago, and the rolling eyes after each punchline prove it.

The ladybird is beautiful.
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Fuck Ricky Gervais in his talentless, worthless ass.

What pact with Satan did that untalented fucktard sign? Because seriously, he got a great deal for his soul!
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