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A friend of mine sent this link.
Here is what she wrote:

I heard it. Below is an article about it. It has pure sine wave tones that are the true tone. The mosquito claims to be 17Hz, but obviously if you listen to the sine waves, it is not. Regardless, I can hear all the tones in the sine waves. The 18Hz is barely audible to me, but my ears cringe when it is playing anyway. Then again...I have dog ... Read Moreears...which is why I'm an Electronic Voice Phenomena specialist. Lemme know if you can hear those tones as well.

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Some one already said it but "what not" bugs me. I even use it sometimes by accident and I would berate myself for it. Another one is "not so much". Also I am stating to hear my peers of 30-40 using internet and texting phrases when I talk to them in person. I lob back to them the everlasting phrase "Seriously?!?!"
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I heard that Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon syncs up to Return of the Jedi (original version). You just need to have the darkside 1996 or remastered gold cd version and press play on the cd player when to here the faint sound of george laughing at you.
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Wow. great info. It would be also nice to see the links of the internet and radio. And what about the CW, listed under TimeWarner and CBS? Who gets the blame for Smallville and the praise of Supernatural?
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