Caption Monkey 40: O RLY?

That's Neatorama's resident rock star, drummer Rober Birming of Eskobar (who also blogs at GeekAlerts) and his dubious cat Prosit (that's Swedish for "bless you," he told me). For today's Neatorama and Hobotopia's Caption Monkey game, funniest caption will win the O RLY shirt from our Online Store (all shirts on sale now! Hurry and get your own!)

Contest rules are darned simple: place your caption in the comment section. One caption per comment, please, but you can submit as many as you'd like.

By the way, Eskobar released their 5th album Death in Athens earlier this year (covered here on Neatorama). For inspiration and Laugh-Out-Loud cat shenanigans, check out Adam "Ape Lad" Koford's Hobotopia.

Good luck and have fun!

Update 8/28/08 - Robert Birming himself chose the winner this time. Congratulations to "em" who won with this classic: Psh, I remember those halcyon days before the ORLY owl…days when the LOLCat was king…

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@Sid Morrison:
In Holland 'Gezondheid!' and 'Proost!' are very different. 'Gezondheid' is the dutch word for 'health'. Only when someone sneezes we say 'Gezondheid!' as a single word.
'Proost!' is the dutch 'Cheers!', the usual drinking toast.
Often while toasting we say 'Op je gezondheid!', meaning 'On your health'. Like 'may you be healthy'.
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Hmmmm... I was more used to Prosit as a toast as well, so I looked it up. "Prosit" does come from Latin (maybe from 'pro sit tibi' -- may it do you good ), but it's used as both a "gesundheit" type "bless you" in Scandanavian countries and also as a toast before imbibing in other countries. "Prosit" as a drinking toast is used in German. Dutch might be the dividing line on usage -- looks like they say either "Gezondheid" or "Proost" to mean bless you. (Native speakers please correct me...)
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