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This reminds me of the experiment done on a barren desert island in the equtorail atlantic. The island of Ascension originally had very little flora and fauna. In the 1600s It was referred to as "very bare, and nothing to be had there." Then in the 1800s the english began importing plants to the island in hopes of transforming the island. They were successful, as one inhabitant noted "not a cloud would pass over the heavens, nor a drop of water fall; but since the land on the mountain has been so much cultivated, a gradual increase of rain has taken place—seldom more than a day passes over now without a shower or mist on the mountain; and during the first ten days we were here constant little showers fell"
source: http://faculty.washington.edu/dcatling/Catling2012_GreenMountainSubmitted.pdf
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The proverbial question naysayers always ask "how will that tattoo look when you get older." in this case the saggy loss skin could be an advantage. The genius of this tattoo is that it solves two problems of getting older 1) needing glasses to read the small print on the measuring tape is solved because the print gets bigger as he ages 2) loss of dexterity and inability to handle small objects due to arthritis is solved because he is not losing dexterity, the objects are getting smaller.
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Its amazing to me this american based meme of Canadians being nice. Its seems to come out of an US centric view of the world. That is, that everyone is like us and with view exceptions. Canadians are nicer, colder, maple tree loving US americans. My pet peev is that US americans are pretty much the exception to every rule. The rest of the world is decent and nice. The rest of the English world says Zed and not Zee. Rant complete; you may continue about your day good sirs and madams...
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That exactly what I thought. I'm guessing they were donated legos. Whenever I see the clip of Jame May's lego house, I wish I could have been there to take bucket fulls of lego.
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I'm not to sure i would want to attend this school. 1) because the penalize overachievers 2) Its an economics school that trying to get 3k from a student while using lawyers who will likely cost more...
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Time and time again the treasure hunt presents itself to me as if in a dream. A hypnagogic hallucination in dead of night, while switching from site to site. And so the hunt begins with expectations of victory only to find that I am one of dozens. But not to worry, for I know which treasures I covet. My speed of entry should please the gods of Random.org.
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