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Love this, I've always been fascinated by the Antikythra mechanism but I had no idea someone had built one. They should market replicas. I'd buy one.
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Ban Bratz? From the Wiki: (

"On December 3, 2008, U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson granted a permanent injunction requested by Mattel against MGA.[17] The injunction was to have been enforced on February 11, 2009 at the earliest, the same date that Mattel and MGA would once again be in court to present their cases for appeal,[18] and mandated that MGA must remove, at its own cost, all Bratz product from store shelves, reimburse retailers for the product, turn over the recalled product to Mattel for disposal, and destroy all marketing materials and molds and materials used in the production of the dolls.[19] The judge made exceptions for a very limited number of products, under the condition that they be packaged separately from the allegedly infringing toys.[20] MGA immediately filed an appeal and was granted a stay in the enforcement of the injunction through at least the end of the 2009 holiday season. MGA is currently seeking appeal of the 2008 judgement and a permanent stay of injunction."

Looks like you got your wish (sort of). Hideous things though.
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I have to agree with BearCreekMan. Compuserve took us two years to finally get rid of, though in the UK it was only a local call. I used to love it though.

I also remember my Dad bringing home our first VCR. A betamax. Walking down to the video store and having a much smaller choice of tapes to choose from. I remember watching The Golden Child and Coming to America on it one afternoon. Good times.

I'm fascinated by the design in a lot of these ads, with their Bold, roman headlines and white backgrounds and accompanying shots of the product. So many of them sucked but you did at least know what you were buying.
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Why does thinking turkeys are dumb make you a liberal? And, BTW what evidence do you have to suggest that Turkeys raised in a shed are dumber than the outdoors-ey type? "One of the smartest beasts in the wild"? No doubt they'd give *you* a good game of chess but they'd surely still lose a battle of wits to a wooden spoon. Am I wrong?
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For fun? Seriously? Were you to kill an animal with LSD, just for fun an Elephant would be the last thing you'd choose. I'd start with kittens. It was done in 1962 BTW. More info here:

Besides, everyone knows that semen is only an anti-depressant if taken orraly.
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Wow, my hometown gets a mention on Neatorama. Whod've thought it? More information on this jewel in the South East of England's crown can be found here:
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I have worked as a Civil Servant in Britain and I would love to know where they are finding some who do that many hours. I struggled to fill half many hours a week.
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As soon as I saw this ad come on my TV I hated it. Very original commercial guy. T-mobile have lost me as a customer for good.

Unless it's a really good deal. My principles are cheap.
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Try and find a toy without an agenda (okay, the Rubiks cube). If they're not confirming gender roles they're trying to sell more toys. Living like this is going to be a reality for a lot of kids soon. I think it's a good idea.
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